NDS® PureLine Pets Ezy Move®

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Collagen Peptides (Bovine) for dogs and cats. Cartilage and joints contain up to 75% collagen.
NDS Equine Nutritions collagen is made from unique collagen extracts designed to target specific areas. In NDS Pets Ezy Move, it is designed to strengthen the cartilage/ joints, where is cats and dogs it is common with age and wear and tear that they more often than not develop osteo-arthritis.
Use NDS Pets Ezy Move to:
- Protect from wear and tear of joints 
- Reduce risk of your dog/cat developing osteo-arthritis in their life
- Reduce risk of joint injuries for your pets

NDS® Pets Ezy Move® for dogs and cats should not be dissolved in water but sprinkled over food. 100% taste neutral.
Recommended daily dose:
Dog/Cat Dosage
1-5 kg 1 gr.
5-10 kg 2 gr.
11-25 kg 2-5 gr.
26-44 kg 5-9 gr.
>45 kg >9 gr.
1 flat measuring spoon (5 ml = 2 gr.) Collagen peptides.

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