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NDS® Equine TendonX® can help maintain and support the tendons and ligaments. Age, wear and tear, training and competitions are all factors that can reduce the strength and flexibility and increase the risk of injury.

Ligaments connect bones, and tendons are bands of tissue that connects muscles to bones. Collagen is one of the main components in tendons and ligaments. It provides the tendon with its mechanical durability and strength.

The health and flexibility of the ligaments and tendons are very important to maintaining a sound horse. It is often repetitive and low grade overload that causes mild damage that can then lead to major injuries.

Ligament injuries and tendon injuries are characterised by the breakdown of fibre in the collagen.

NDS® Equine TendonX® contains a unique and active Collagen Peptide that has been designed to increase the health and quality of the tendons and ligaments.  Studies have shown a very positive effect when combined with physical activity. It can dramatically reduce the risk of injury and it can help to decrease recovery time.

NDS® Equine TendonX® is an efficient and unique 100% Collagen Peptide supplement.

NO fillers
NO allergens
NO chemical ingredients
NO synthetic ingredients
NO sugars
NO colourings

It will help to:
  • Increases the strength of the tendons and ligaments
  • Improve mobility
  • Decrease risk of injury

This product is very palatable white powder and has no flavour at all.

Dose: To be given Daily as a preventable supplement mixed in feed.

Horse: 1 measuring spoon* = 25 g (25,000 mg)
Pony: ½ measuring spoon* = 12.5 g (12,000 mg)

*50 ml measuring spoon provided in container. 1 flat spoon = 25 g.

The dose can be doubled in case of injury.

It is very important to maintain the daily recommended dose for best results.

Product number: 5015

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