NDS® Equine Multi Collagen Total®

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The only equine multi collagen product on the market.

NDS® Equine Multi Collagen Total® is a unique, efficient, and well-documented supplement containing 3 different Collagen Peptides.

Damage, wear and tear to joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and muscles is a real problem for horses of all kinds of activity and any age. Whether they are leisure, senior or performance horses.

We have created a product that offers your horse more than just one type of collagen to help support and feed mobility in several areas.

NDS Equine Nutrition ApS is a leading company when it comes to collagen formulas for horses. Studies have shown that specific Collagen Peptides are needed, especially to help with different parts of the horse where the problems occur.

This supplement should be given daily for best effect to support and help prevent damage to joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

NDS® Equine Multi Collagen Total® contains 100% Collagen Peptides

NO fillers
NO chemical ingredients
NO synthetic ingredients
NO flavourings
NO sugars

This product is a very palatable white powder and it has no flavour at all.

Daily maintenance dose to mix in feed:

Horse: 3 measuring spoon* = 75 g (75,000 mg)
Pony: 1 ½ measuring spoon* = 37.5 g (37,500 mg)

*50 ml measuring spoon provided in the container. 1 flat spoon = 25 g.

Should the horse need support for a specific problem then we offer a solution with these products:

Equine Ezy Move®: For joints and cartilage.

Equine TendonX®: For ligaments and tendons.

Equine MuscleX®: For muscles. It also helps maintain muscle mass, growth of muscle mass, and muscle strength as Collagen peptide is a source of protein.

They can be used on their own with a daily dose of 50 g (50.000 mg) for a horse and half dose for a pony.

You can also just give a half dose together with the daily dose of NDS® Equine Multi Collagen Total®.

For ultimate benefit, it is important to give the correct dose daily to get results that make a difference.

We recommend our NDS® Equine Multivitamin® supplement to be added to the feed.
Covering the needs of your horses’ vital intake. A 7 g (7000 mg) daily dose will deliver an excellent supplement of natural and efficient nutrients. Vitamins and minerals just like nature intended. 100% natural and gentle to the digestive system.


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