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Strong hooves and formation of new hoof tissue.

“No foot, no horse”

A horse’s hooves are the fundamental basis for the horse’s ability to move, perform (training-related) work and thrive.
Hoof growth depends on sufficient feed without too much sugar/starch and with adequate protein, as the sulphur compounds necessary for strong hoof walls and skin keratin are only formed from sulphur-containing amino acids and not from “extra sulphur” as a supplement.
Minerals and micronutrients are discussed under NDS® Equine BoneX®, and a feeding plan is strongly recommended if the horse has lasting, stubborn hoof problems.

NDS® Equine HoofX® consists of 100% tissue-specific collagen peptides that support the recovery of skin and hooves. 

Supports the formation of new hoof tissue, e.g., following hoof injury or disease. Can also be used for skin injuries that need to heal, e.g., following surgery, large wounds and irritation. 
  • Healing of conditions that have weakened the connection of the lamellae to the hoof capsule, e.g., laminitis
  • General strengthening of “problem hooves” if a correct feeding plan is not sufficient

Recommended daily dose: 
Preventive: 1 measuring spoon (50 ml) = 25 g.
Healing of injuries: 2 measuring spoons (50 ml) = 50 g.
(Ponies: half a dose) 

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