NDS® Equine Ezy Move®

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Extra help to maintain healthy joints and cartilage.


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NDS® Equine Ezy Move® is a unique Collagen Peptide blend created especially to help prevent wear and tear to joints and cartilage. Our supplement helps to maintain the cartilage and improve the mobility of healthy joints.

Damage to the joints and cartilage can eventually result in the development of Osteoarthritis(OA). Lameness is often caused by OA. It can occur at any age whether it is a senior, leisure, or a performance horse.
30% of the equine body protein is collagen and the joint is up to 70% collagen.

NDS® Equine Ezy Move® is a unique extract from Collagen Peptides type ll. Studies have shown significant support in maintaining and recreation of cartilage in the joints. The specific collagen peptides in this product contain chains from 2 amino acids up to 100 amino acids in different variations. Making it a very efficient supplement.

It helps to support:
  • The ability to slow down the loss of cartilage
  • Joint health in a natural way
  • And encourage the production of type ll collagen peptides
  • And encourage the production of hyaline cartilage
  • Mobility
  • The maintenance of healthy joints
  • Creation of cartilage
  • Healthy joints and cartilage helps support mobility and less pain

NDS® Equine Ezy Move® contains 100% Collagen Peptides

NO fillers
NO chemical ingredients
NO synthetic ingredients
NO flavourings
NO sugars

This product is a very palatable white powder and it has NO flavour at all.

Daily maintenance dose to mix in feed:

Horse: 1 measuring spoon* = 25 g (25,000 mg)
Pony: ½ measuring spoon* = 12.5 g (12,500 mg)

*50 ml measuring spoon provided in the container. 1 flat spoon = 25 g.

If injured or extra support is needed, then double the dose accordingly for 3 – 6 months.

NDS® Equine Ezy Move® can also be used in conjunction with NDS® Equine Multi Collagen Total®.

Product number: 5017

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